Automated generated give away equipment list.

Are you interested in any of this equipment? We are giving it away for free to non-profit organisations. Get in contact with us.

SwitchesHPJ4819A w/ 2x J4878A 4x J4821A 2x J4820A 2x PSUSwitch 5308xl, modular, 2x 4p GigE SFP, 4x 4p GigE copper, 2x 24p 10/100Mbit/s, 2x PSU1
SwitchesHPJ4819A w/ 6x J4907A 2x J4878A 2x PSUSwitch 5308xl, modular, 6x 14p GigE + 2x GigE dual copper/SFP, 2x 4p GigE SFP, 2x PSU1
SwitchesHPJ4899ASwitch 2650 (48x 10/100Mbit, 2x dual personality GigE copper/SFP)2
SwitchesHPJ9028AProCurve Switch 1800-24G (web-managed, 22x GigE copper, 2x dual personality SFP/GigE copper)1