EventInfra supports non-profit organisations by providing network infrastructures for their events

EventInfra is an open project founded by Stichting Bitlair, the hackerspace in Amersoort (NL). EventInfra supports several EU-based tech-events by providing loans for networking equipment (wireless & fixed).

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Booking.com donates Arista switches


Booking.com has donated 40x Arista 7048T-A to EventInfra! These switches have 48x 100/1000 copper ports, 4x 10GbE SFP+ and dual PSU's. They are ideal to be used as access- or distribution-layer switches.

Upcoming event EMF 2016 will use these switches in the datenklo's for wired GigE connectivity.

We would really like to thank Booking.com for this very generous donation!

Summer events 2016


This summer EventInfra supports multiple events with networking equipment. These events are: CampZone 2016, EMF 2016, HaxoGreen 2016 and FSG 2016. Enjoy! :-)